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Survivor Stories

 Robin’s Story

Alex’s Story

Five year old Alex came to shelter early in the morning. He and his mother left from a household torn apart by violence. Since his time with SafeNet, Alex’s life is slowly piecing itself back together. Read More


Judy’s Story
~ Shelter

Judy was 41 years old when she came to shelter in July 2010 because of the abuse of her husband of 22 years. She had married young having been flattered by his devotion and attention to her. By the time she came into shelter years later, the exceptional attention had become virtual imprisonment. Read more


Lana’s Story
~ Transitional housing

Lana grew up poor in Crawford County with many kids and a lot of chaos. She began dating her would-be husband when she was only 15 and he was 20. She prided herself that she had graduated from high school in spite of many obstacles. Read more 


Halley’s Story

Halley had a boyfriend who wasn’t going to let her go. She had been with him for 5 years and had two children. She worked as a Nurse Aide (PCA) at a nursing home where the pay and working conditions were excellent. She first contacted a legal advocate to get assistance in getting a PFA. Read more 


Linda’s Story

I’m putting my experience with SafeNet in writing so you can remember my story and perhaps it may help someone else. To be succinct, counseling at SafeNet saved my life. After my abusive marriage ended I was emotionally hollowed out. Read more 


Karen’s Story

On September 11, 2008, I put what I could in my car, along with my young daughter, and drove away from my marriage. The relationship was an abusive one, but I did not know that at the time. Read More


Jean’s Story

I found SafeNet through a flyer.  I called and got an appointment to see a counselor/advocate.  My counselor/advocate helped me see different options and helped me navigate through difficult times. Read More


Tiffany’s Story

At SafeNet, I wasn’t alone.  I found understanding, patience and friendships that have lasted for years. Read More

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