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Victims With Resources

Victims with Financial Resources

victims-with-resourcesWhen people think of victims of Domestic Violence, often certain stereotypes come to mind. Typically people assume that people in these relationships are always lower-income. Studies have found though that Domestic Violence does not discriminate based on class or location, it can strike anybody anywhere.

Many people believe that if an affluent person is in an abusive relationship, it is easy for them to leave because they have access to money. This is not always the case though. Oftentimes in these situations the abuser has total control of the family finances, so even though the family has money the victim may have no access to it.

If the abuser is well-connected socially and highly esteemed in the community, people may not believe the victim’s accounts of what happened.

If the abuser controls all the money, they can put together a legal “dream team” to keep the victim tied up in divorce and custody proceedings long enough to bankrupt them.

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