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Cell Phone Safety

Cell phones offer us so much freedom, but if you are the victim or survivor of domestic violence, cell phone safety is a serious concern that can easily be overlooked.

cell-phone-safetyAbusers can use your cell phone to track your location through your service provider, through various apps, and through location-sharing services. Abusers can also monitor all the telephone numbers coming in and being called out on your cell phone. Your abuser may be monitoring text messages as well.

Only use your cell phone to make safe calls in front of your abuser. Do not call anyone that might make your abuser jealous.

Remember, even if you clear the history, the cell phone statement still shows all the telephone numbers you called.

You should program your cell phone to require a password to operate, but that could lead to a domestic violence situation. You can also set up your voicemail with a different password…again, that may create a serious situation. Some people use these passwords to keep kids from playing with their phones or to prevent an accidental redial.

You will know if your abuser is checking on your cell phone.

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