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Why Are SafeNet Services Important to Erie?

With the nature of Domestic Violence, abusers often maintain power and control by isolating victims. Abusers encourage victims to break ties with family and friends.  Over time, victims are left with no one to turn to for help.

In addition, abusers often control the finances. If victims have no financial resources, getting counseling might seem impossible.   If victims wanted to leave their abuser, without financial resources, they would then become homeless and destitute. Over time, victims feel trapped in their situation and hopeless.

But there is hope.    For victims to change their situation, it takes much courage, patience and the helping hand of SafeNet.

SafeNet first offers the listening ears of well trained counselors. In this process, counselors access the situation and offer alternatives. Counselors do not make choices for victims, but rather offer alternatives from which victims can choose. Counselors also offer support and encouragement. They help victims with a safety plan and they are well versed in services available in Erie County.

Victims often must navigate the legal system. A lawyer and legal advocates and are available at SafeNet to assist victims and support them through this process.

While victims might have to leave their homes for their safety, SafeNet offers housing options, both emergency (short term) housing and transitional (longer term).

Without the services of SafeNet, many victims would have no recourse. They would be trapped in abusive situations. In addition, their children would learn this behavior and continue to perpetuate the generational cycle of abuse.

One of SafeNet’s goals is to have victims learn self-sufficiency and parenting skills. Victims, who come to SafeNet as homeless and penny less, often leave SafeNet with housing arrangements, jobs, and plans for their future.   This enables them to become productive members of the Erie Community and to raise their children to do the same.

SafeNet offers hope and options when hope and options are needed most.

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