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Meredith Cherry Meet and Greet News Release

SafeNet Hosting Meet and Greet with Domestic Violence Victim Advocate Traveling Cross-Country on Horseback

Erie, Pa.-SafeNet is welcoming domestic violence victim advocate Meredith Cherry and her horse Apollo for a community meet and greet outside the agency’s Neighborhood Partnership Center (254 East 10th St.) on Wednesday, August 7th at 10:30am.

Cherry has been traveling cross-country on horseback with Apollo since January of 2017. The duo makes stops in each state at domestic violence shelters and community centers and meets with survivors, staff, and community members to discuss the issue of domestic violence. Cherry started in California and has since visited 28 states, and blogs about each visit on her website, She relies on the kindness of strangers to provide space to camp with her horse.

According to the website, Cherry graduated with a degree in Equine Science from Colorado State University. After escaping an abusive relationship, Cherry decided to combine her love of horses with her desire to spread awareness about domestic violence across the United States.

“…What I had missed most during my marriage was horses and travel. Thus came about the wonderful, crazy idea to buy a horse with my paltry divorce settlement and ride it around the country. And since I feel so grateful for this opportunity, and so saddened at the thought that anyone else is going through my I did, I felt it was right to use the ride to help everyone I could along the way,” Cherry writes on her website.

The duo will continue their cross-country journey until July of 2020.


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