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Support and Counseling

Children’s Program
What about my children?

SafeNet offers counseling to both residential and non-residential people to support children who have experienced domestic violence in their homes.

Children suffer feelings of shame, guilt, grief, confusion, anger, and depression.

Support and Counseling is available for all victims of domestic violence.

SafeNet offers a variety of counseling provided by Pennsylvania certified domestic violence counselor advocates. Battered women are often isolated and blamed for their own abuse. As a result, their self-esteem and decision-making powers are eroded. Our counseling focuses on empowerment – enabling women to deal with safety issues and objectively assess their options to begin the healing process. Group and individual counseling is accessible to both residential and non-residential clients. Read more »

Medical Program
What Your Doctor Should Know…

SafeNet’s medical advocacy program has helped improve local medical response to victims of domestic violence. As one of twelve prototype programs in the nation, our collaboration with area hospitals has provided professional education and training and protocol development aimed at early identification of domestic abuse. Read more »

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