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Legal Protection

One option for legal protection is a Protection From Abuse Order or PFA.

legalA PFA is a judge’s order requiring abusers to stay away from their victims. The order remains in effect for up to three years, a time period that can be extended if circumstances warrant.

If you are a victim of abuse and wish to pursue a PFA, call SafeNet at (814) 455-1774 or the crisis Hotline at (814) 454-8161.

A PFA may protect you if the perpetrator of the abuse is a family member, relative through marriage, or a present or former intimate partner. A PFA protection may be extended to protect other members of the family such as the victim’s children if needed.

A PFA may…

  • Order your abuser to stop threatening and hurting you and may not contact you at home, work or school.
  • Order your abuser to not harass you or your relatives in any way.
  • Require your abuser to surrender any weapons that were used in prior incidents.
  • Evict your abuser from your home.
  • Give you temporary custody of your children.

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Legal assistance may be available for SafeNet clients for situations that may result from the abusive relationship.  Custody and support issues are not uncommon in the process of establishing an autonomous life free from abuse.


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