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Academic Outreach

SafeNet offers a full range of in-school educational programs that emphasize healthy relationships and challenge the acceptance of violence as a means of coping with adversity. Age appropriate courses are tailored to students from elementary school through college. Support group counseling is available for high-risk teens.

academic-outreachPrevention Education & Awareness Sessions
SafeNet is actively involved in stopping the generational cycle of violence and abuse. With that goal in sight, we offer workshops in the community for children and adults, in the hopes that everyone will begin to understand the dynamics and tactics of power and control.

Once the behavior is recognized for what it is (someone wanting their way at any cost) we feel confident our community will more often hold accountable those people behaving abusively.

Ultimately, if we can help our children practice healthy relationship behaviors; we can help to stop the cycle of family violence.

Medical Outreach (What Your Doctor Should Know…)
SafeNet’s medical advocacy program has helped improve local medical response to victims of domestic violence. As one of twelve prototype programs in the nation, our collaboration with area hospitals has provided professional education and training and protocol development aimed at early identification of domestic abuse. SafeNet representatives are on-call at hospital emergency rooms 24 hours a day to help domestic violence victims connect with counseling, shelter and other services.

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