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SafeNet provides services to people victimized by domestic violence and relationship abuse

The topic of domestic violence has been very prominent in the national news in 2014.

SafeNet is Erie’s only accredited domestic violence agency. SafeNet has been providing services to victims of domestic violence for 40 years and provides these comprehensive services free of charge.

About 1500 people utilize SafeNet services annually in Erie County. A comprehensive list of SafeNet’s free and confidential services is listed below.

  • Emergency Shelter. Hospitality House opened its doors in 1974. It continues to provide confidential, safe, short term emergency housing available 24/7. Of the 500 victims sheltered each year, half are children under the age of 12.


  • Counseling and Advocacy. SafeNet’s core services are counseling and advocacy. A central theme in counseling is safety planning. This involves not just physical safety, but emotional and psychological as well. This service is available at the offices at 1702 French Street, Erie, at local hospitals, schools and public housing. SafeNet also has a 24/7 counseling hotline.


  • Legal Representation. SafeNet provides attorney representation for Protection from Abuse Orders and other legal issues resulting from the abusive relationship.


  • Children’s Programs. These programs are evidenced-based and incorporating many activities that build self-esteem and broaden a child’s network of support.   Children are counseled in residential programs and in community based counseling.   As domestic violence is a learned behavior, counseling and re-training children is the key to breaking this generational cycle of abuse.


  • Education and Training. SafeNet provides training to police officers, health care workers, and many others so that our community support system has a better understanding of the challenges and barriers faced by families trying to free themselves from abuse.


  • Transitional Housing. SafeNet has two established transition housing programs for those who cannot find a home after their short term stay in shelter. The programs focus on self-sufficiency and with an end result of safe affordable permanent housing. Bridge House is for victims of domestic violence and TLC is for young mothers age 16-21.

SafeNet is committed to ending domestic violence through our programs, training and educational initiatives. We believe every individual has the right to be respected and to live a life free from abuse.

SafeNet has a Hotline Number: (814) 454-8161.

The Hotline is answered 24 hours a day 7 days a week offering emergency help, shelter, support and counseling.

Victims of domestic violence can come to SafeNet’s offices at 1702 French Street or make an appointment to seek shelter, counseling, support, education and legal help.

Link: Protection from Abuse Orders: Help & Information

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